Saturday, March 25, 2017

On Holy Tradition

Christ Pantocrator Sinai Icon"Holy Tradition is the Gospel of the Lord Christ, and is the Lord Christ Himself, whom the power of the Holy Spirit brings into every believing soul, into the entire Church. Everything that is Christ's becomes, by the power of the Holy Spirit, ours in the Body of the Church…. What is Holy Tradition? It is the God-Man, the Lord Christ Himself with all the riches of His divine Person and, through Him and for His sake, the Holy Trinity. This is most fully given and expressed in the Holy Eucharist in which, for our sake and for our salvation, the Saviour's entire theanthropic dispensation of salvation is performed and renewed."

Archimandrite Dr. Justin Popovic (Now St. Justin Popovic)  - The Orthodox Church and Ecumenism

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